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Lust (or lechery) is a craving for sexual intercourse, sometimes to the point of assuming a self-indulgent or violent character

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Octave fuzz with a wide tonal range - from muffled crunch to electronica fizz - all in one pedal.  Back off your guitar's volume to get a starved germanium fuzzle.  Back off your guitar's bass tone and get a "sitar"  

. Unique germanium and silicone diode design
. Audio transformer based octave splitting
. Point to point soldering - each one a little different

Sound Clips

G&L S500 (middle pickup), Lust, Presonus FireBox, Mac GarageBand (digital reverb added)

Demo 1 - maximum volume and intensity, bass cut (guitar) then bass max

Demo 2 - sizzling fuzz, miked Fender DRRI

$200 USD.  3 week "hand made" delivery time. Free shipping.